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Personal reviews of vets.

As I’ve lived in the Croydon area all my life and had my boy at Charlie for the last 9 years I’ve used various vets in the area over the years and would like to recommend the ones that have helped me.

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Croydon Veterinary Surgery

Croydon Veterinary surgery on 335 Addiscombe Road Croydon are very welcoming, they helped look after my boy Charlie when he was dehydrated and advised me of an out of hours vet to use. They have also recommended me as a dog walker to clients before and I still have those clients ?

Croydon Vets Website

Mark Nelson Vets

Mark Nelson Vets in 81 Woodville Road Thornton Heath, Charlie was registered to them for over 6 years whilst I lived in Shirley they have an excellent reputation and they were super efficient and put my mind at rest over various concerns, receptionists are always friendly too. Mark Himself is Also the Vet for Foal Farm animal rescue & rehoming in Biggin Hill Kent, and all the staff couldn’t sing their praises high enough when I was a volunteer there for over 2 years.

Mark Nelson Vets

Anne Nelson Vets

Anne Nelson Vets 238 Pampisford Road South Croydon, CR2 6DB. Charlie is currently registered with them and has been for over a year now after moving to south Croydon. I did a blood test for Charlie just for peace of mi d and they were very good in sending me a full breakdown of all his blood levels as well as doing a full basic health check, their vets are very informative!

Anne Nelson Vets Website

Anwell Vetinary Centre

Anwell Vetinary Centre 41 Brighton Road Coulsdon CR5 2BF, I’ve heard nothing but good things from friends and clients about Anwells I would have registered Charlie there 100% but Anne Nelson is so much closer to me. I have heard how friendly and welcoming they are people seem to really like them!

Anwell Vets Website


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