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Cats are very loving affection animals that can reduce your anxiety and improve your wellbeing but sometimes they can have their own issues & anxieties and are sensitive to change. This can result in certain behaviours that are difficult to live with.

I can help with addressing these behaviours & improving their life and yours creating a positive environment for all!

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Why is my cat displaying this unwanted behaviour?


When it comes to cat behaviour it is important to remember that they are territorial animals that are extremely sensitive to change, whether that be new surroundings, new pets or other animals in their territory or even new smells and objects.

They are complex creatures that need regular & different kinds of mental and physical stimulation to improve their wellbeing and create a stable environment with routines. break these routines or interfere or change their environment can mean you will have a very distressed, anxious, nervous cat.

This ultimately means the cats behaviour will change in a negative way, luckily there are ways of resolving the various negative behaviour traits in cats with various methods.

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Areas I can help with include

Territory aggression

Furniture damage

Fights with other cats in the household

Fights with other animals in the household

Addressing biting and scratching issues

Anxiety issues in cats who are frightened and timid

Toiletry issues

Yowling/miawing issues

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Cat behaviour training consult croydon
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