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We at Charlie Bears Doggy Daycare pride ourselves in being all about the dogs welfare and happiness we set ourselves apart from other daycares as we have far more space for the pups to play in a far more tranquil environment.

We have 2-3 acres of land here surrounded by woodland in a private secure area. It’s not noisy and crazy instead it’s all about having an environment that works for the dogs and their needs. Currently we have 6-7 dogs a day up here and have the maximum capacity for another 5 dogs a day.

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12 dogs is the maximum in such a large area where they are not restricted and are able to socialise naturally off lead with their friends with plenty of space.

We specialise in Cockapoos, Cavapoos & similar breeds and puppies and we do not use noisy vans as we feel they create a stressful environment for the dogs in transit instead we have a true VIP Pup service in our super quiet estate car with dogs securely on harnesses attached to the seat belts and 2 dog car crates in the boot.

They also have a very calming soundtrack of Classic FM to listen to so they arrive in the right frame of mind for a super fun day of doggy daycare! They are all very well behaved in the car and are very chilled out and relaxed.

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At the daycare all their mental and physical needs are met with a variety of toys, padding pools to splash in, sandpits for digging, hay bales, tunnels agility course, weaves, sensory area and play houses dotted around but the most important thing is they have plenty of space to run, socialise and sniff!

A dogs nose is it’s most powerful sense and they do love a good sniff!

Just as important is downtime and breaks as we don’t want the dogs overdoing it!

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We always make sure to have plenty of fresh water on site as well as healthy treats for the dogs but not too many!

All in all it’s a true doggy paradise up here always adapting to the dogs needs to make sure they are as happy and enriched as possible!

And you can guarantee after a long day at daycare they have a good snooze in the car on the way back and many clients tell me their pups are in snoozeland once they have crashed out in the evening!

A great sign they have had a physically and mentally enriching day and are no doubt dreaming about the next time they get to play with their best friends!

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The dogs really do form strong bonds here and can’t wait to see their friends every day!

The clients have even noticed how much better their dogs are in social situations in the park, woods etc because they have so much natural socialisation with other dogs at the daycare during the week.

They also get to burn off all that energy too which helps their behaviour and makes them happier dogs! All in all doggy daycare is a win win for your best buddy & guaranteed they will absolutely love it here!

Why Doggy daycare?

Doggy daycare is a great way of improving a dog with separation & anxiety issues as well as dogs with high energy levels and ones that need socialising.

Doggy daycare is becoming more popular too as people are working longer hours and have more commitments it means the the clients have peace of mind all the dogs needs are being met.

The dogs really do get the VIP service from start to finish.

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What out clients say

Fantastic service! Very reliable and trustworthy, and really cares for the dogs and he’s always super flexible to meet our needs. Couldn’t recommend him more.

Charlie Bears offers dog daycare in the following Croydon areas

Purley, Coulsdon, Banstead, Chipstead, Netherne On Hill, Chaldon, Caterham, Kenley

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